Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
- Create an account (required for all site affairs)

- Make changes in personal details

- Buy products

- payment methods

- View previous purchases

- Cancel order

- How to send

- discrepancies in the order

Create an account:

To use the various features of the site, you must first create an account for yourself. Having an account, from now on, all matters related to registration and purchase will be done with the same account. To get started, first if you have not yet created an account, log in to ehsandibazar.com and click on the "Membership Icon" in the upper left corner of the site until the registration button appears. On this page, enter your details (Persian and complete) exactly and in accordance with the required items in the registration form and click the "Register Form" button and at the end I have read the rules and regulations of the site and I have accepted it. Now, after registering the form, the code will be sent to the mobile number you mentioned, and after entering the membership code, you are one of the site users and you can use the various facilities of the site. If there is a problem while registering the form, please pay attention to the messages in the red box and correct the form accordingly.

Make changes to personal profile:

If you want to change your personal details after registering on the site, first click on "Login" and enter your username and password that you chose when "registering the form". After logging in, click on your name in the user section and click on "Account settings" from the menu that opens. In this section, you can change your details and register the form.

Now, having an account on the site, you can enter different sections of the site and receive the services you want.
Note: The account on the site is used to purchase products online. Please pay the total amount of the invoice (product price + postage) after sending the order to the type of sending the order. ), Otherwise your order will only be processed, unregistered or canceled and will not be sent to you.


product purchase:

Keep in mind that to buy physical products and digital products (electronic file, Weiss), "each must be done in a separate basket, two products are not done in one basket, physical products must be purchased in one basket, and then digital products ( Electronic file, Weiss) to be done in another basket.


Digital products:

If you have purchased a digital product (electronic file, Weiss), after all the steps of ordering the purchased file on the site and in the user area, dashboard, digital products of each person will be uploaded and archived, and after clicking on the view icon At the bottom of the photo of each file, the file you want will be displayed after a few seconds, just keep in mind that due to the high security of digital products, it will be displayed only on your site and user page, while users who want a mobile phone View your files Use the Firefox browser and after opening the file you can turn off the Internet and it can be viewed offline.

Payment methods: Payment from any bank card of Shetab network member through the site portal using the card details and the customer's second password View previous purchases: If you have already made a purchase, you can track the status of your order through the site. For this purpose, first select the orders menu after logging in to your account. If there is nothing in this section, it is possible that at the time of purchase, the payment process (bank portal) has not been completed and the invoice amount has not been paid, you will have to repeat the order again. If the order is in the form of a confirmation tick and the order code, it means that the order has been sent. If the order is in the form of a cross, it means that the order has been canceled for some reason.

Cancel order: If for any reason you intend to cancel your order. You can only cancel your order if you have not paid the final invoice amount, otherwise it is not possible to cancel due to sending the order. How to send: After registering the order, the order tracking code SMS will be sent to the user, and after preparing and sending it to the post office, the sent code will be sent to the user along with the tracking link of the postal package. By entering the sending code (click), you can follow Pack your mail. Order delivery time for leading packages is 2 to 4 working days and custom 4 to 7 working days.

Shipping costs will be received by registered and vanguard mail based on the weight of the package, while orders over 5 kg will be vanguard according to the directive of the post office. The cost of sending the order by courier in (Tehran) will be calculated and received when your order is delivered. Shipping by courier in Tehran will be done up to 24 hours after ordering.

Shipping is possible only on working days and during office hours (except Fridays and public holidays). Discrepancy in order: If the purchased product is defective or in appearance or specifications contradicts the information contained in the invoice, please contact the numbers listed in the footer of the site within 48 hours after receiving the order to follow up on your request. .

Dear user, in case of any problems in the user account or order registration, you can leave a message for us on WhatsApp. 00989128936406 Dibazer