Privacy Policy

Ehsan Dibazar website cares about protecting users' personal information and all user information is protected by Ehsan Dibazar website. Electronic communications Your orders will be registered through internet connections on the site. If your request is in accordance with the principles and procedures, you agree that Ehsan Dibazar Academy will respond to your request electronically, ie: e-mail, SMS service or other electronic services, and if necessary, follow up by phone to follow up. The results of educational products or ordered products will be used.

Due to the fact that after the user joins the site, the details of the registered member will be used to call and send his orders, so the information must be entered correctly and accurately, and in case of any change in the address or contact information, it must be entered immediately. Change in your profile on the site as well. When ordering, customers should try to enter their information carefully and correctly on the site. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for any problems, possible losses. Ehsan Dibazar Academy sometimes sends e-mails or text messages to website members to inform customers of special events, services or promotions.


User comments Ehsan Dibazer Academy website has created a comments section with the aim of sharing the shopping experience of other users. If the opinion of other users is important to you, you can post your comments and questions in the comments section of each product so that both users and academy experts can answer you.

In this regard, users are obliged to refrain from posting any content that is contrary to legal and moral principles, defamatory, threatening the privacy of individuals or intellectual property rights and any other inappropriate content, otherwise all responsibility and legal consequences are on them. . The site has full authority to publish or not publish users' comments. If the user does not pay enough attention to the rules and regulations of the store in posting comments, the store is allowed to cut off the user's access to the site and, if necessary, prosecute him.

Responsibility and commitment of users and customers to use the site of Ehsan Dibazer Academy Any unconventional, unauthorized or illegal use of the site by users, customers or members that results in damage, breakdown, loss or alteration of information, disclosure of users' personal information or other possible damages, prosecution Will have. Users are responsible for the protection of their personal user information and are responsible for the exchange of any information that occurs through their user ID and password. The store will not be responsible for the disclosure of user information due to a shortcoming or virus of his computer system.

Note that the use of customers 'names, photos or logos and shopping experience, in order to introduce and share customers' experiences in buying from the store with their consent and within the framework of laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ownership of Ehsan Dibazer Academy

All rights of this website are reserved for Mahbod Style store and any copying and unauthorized use of the content and site is prosecuted. Ehsan Dibazar Academy has the right to make any changes to the site and all content on the site, rules and regulations, how to provide services, and so on. The store also has the right to permanently or temporarily suspend users' access at any time. Special cases

Given that the above rules are the general rules of the academy and the store and may not apply to certain goods in special cases, the explanations contained in the invoice and delivery receipt, which is signed by the customer, will be the criterion in these cases.